How Much is Renters Insurance

Are you renting an apartment or a home and you need renters insurance? Many people are turning to renting with the horrible housing market than ever before and they need to know the answer to “how much is renters insurance”? There is a simple answer that can be given and it all depends on your situation. Imagine this for a moment….You are renting an apartment in a complex and you are gone for the holiday. You own a computer, a closet full of clothes, a few nice pieces of furniture, dishes, and many other things. All of your belongings have some value to you whether it is monetary or sentimental.While you are gone someone in the complex falls asleep with a candle burning and their cat knocks it over. This starts a fire that spreads through your entire complex and destroys everything you own.How would you replace it? Do you think your apartment complex is going to pay for the replacement? Where would you stay?Most likely the best you will get from your apartment complex is a place to stay temporarily while they either refund your deposit and buy you out of your lease or find you an empty unit in another building of the complex. They may put you up in a hotel if you are lucky.They will not be paying for anything you owned and to think for between $150 and $300 a year you could have been protected. That is the easy answer to, “how much is renters insurance”?However, the real answer is priceless because you would have gotten a check to cover the cost of everything you lost and another check to help you move into a new place while you wait to see what your apartment complex or landlord is going to do.

Microsoft Great Plains Furniture & Fixtures – Implementation & Customization Highlights

Microsoft Great Plains, former Great Plains Software Dynamics / eEnterprise was introduced in 1993 as first Microsoft Windows and Macintosh based graphical accounting/ERP application for Mid-Size businesses. Considering the history of furniture retailer and custom assembly lines – they showed up on the market about five decades ago and they have automated their business operations with Unix-based businesses in the late 1960th and earlier 1970th. You can find such furniture resale systems as Storis, which is Unidata based application, automating furniture retail outlets. Let’s consider the options.o General Ledger. There is no need to immediate replacement of legacy retail stores automation software. It is reliable and proved to work over years. They usually sit in very reliable Unix hardware such as IBM AS/400 or RS6000. You would need just import General Ledger transaction to the system, where you would have flexible and quick financial reporting. In this case you need Unidata export and feed it into Great Plains General Ledger. Use Great Plains Integration Manager or heterogeneous SQL queries.o Payroll. Great Plains would be reasonably priced payroll solution if you process payroll inhouse. If you have less then 500 employees – then Great Plains Standard douse excellent job and software price would be around k$10. You will have to pay annual maintenance program and receive Payroll taxes and federal magnetic media updates to keep you safe from the payroll taxation errors and miscalculation. If you cross over 500 employees line – Great Plains software price will be around k$30 and you could find cheaper solutions with unlimited number of employees – look at Accpac.o eCommerce. If you are replacing your legacy system, then you could build eCommerce upon Microsoft Great Plains Inventory Control (IV) and Sales Order Processing modules. Looking into the future you should expect increasing portion of you business to come from eCommerce ordering. Here you deploy eConnect and have your or contracting developers do the job. If eConnect is too expensive – you could appeal to experienced developers, who has set of custom stored procedures to work with SOP10100, SOP10200 and IV00100 tableso Commission Reporting. In Furniture outlet shift manager commission is based on her/his employees-salespersons performance. And it is usually tiered. We saw very complex and proprietary formulas. Our suggestion is to realize it in SQL Stored Procedure and then you could create Crystal Report with parameters to calculate and report commission amountsWe encourage you to analyze your alternatives. You can always appeal to our help, give us a call: 1-866-528-0577 or 1-630-961-5918, [email protected]

How to Balance Your Home Business and Family Life

When I started my home business over a year 1/2 ago, I never dreamed there would be so many factors to consider. Raising a family and conducting business from your home can sometimes feel like you’re working two full time jobs. Sometimes I literally feel like a juggler in the circus. It’s especially challenging if you don’t master the art of scheduling. If you don’t equip yourself with a good planner and effective time management, the house goes to hell, your child or children feel neglected and your business feels more like a hobby than an actual business. Working from home might appear to be an idyllic alternative to working outside the home, but the reality can often be quite different especially if there is no organized schedule in place. The clashes between work and family become more immediate, and there are everyday interruptions which make it hard to maintain a polished and professional work environment. Let’s face it, Corporate America does not include family related responsibilities in the job requirements.Here are some quick tips to help you better manage your Family Time and Work Time.Create a Daily Schedule (laundry, time with family, meals, work) . Stick to your schedule as best as you can; Decide what time you’re going to devote to training, what time you’re going to devote to working your business, and what time you’re going to spend with family and friends.
Set Boundaries: Give yourself permission to work without the guilt; Family Time is Family Time, Work is Work but understand that part of running a home business is the flexibility and that flexibility can sometimes be called to order.Delegate a separate space for work: Maintaining professionalism when you’re working at home is critical. You don’t want the kids answering your business calls but by the same token, maybe set up a small desk for the little ones so they can still be involved as long as they understand and respect your work rules. Create a pleasant cheerful workspace by decorating it just like you would do if you had an outside office.Let personal phone calls and emails go unanswered while you work. Take time before or after work to answer these. Make sure family members have a way to get in touch with you in case of an emergency though. Be certain friends and neighbors know that while you are home, you really are working and you can’t just stop to chat whenever they wish.Set a time each day when you shut down business completely ( I confess that this one is my greatest challenge). Whatever comes up after office hours, deal with tomorrow.Plan ahead. This is especially important to help you deal with the unexpected interruptions that occur. If the telephone company is coming tomorrow, you may have to adjust your schedule accordingly and if a family member suddenly becomes ill, you might lose a day of work time. Being a step ahead of where you need to be will only help.Watch your eating habits and get up and stretch once in awhile. Definetly take breaks here and there and don’t forget to eat. That will give you just enough of a rest to recharge and get back to work feeling refreshed.Most importantly remember WHY you wanted to work from home in the first place. Write “your why” on paper and keep it in front of you each day as you move forward in your business. That will only reinforce your goals, dreams and aspirations for you and your family’s future. Heck, and don’t forget the wonderful commute to work is only just a few feet away and one that you can make in your bathrobe and slippers.Even more importantly than your why, make time with your kids part of your everyday routine.Whether it’s having breakfast with the kids, reading a book, or an hour spent helping your child with their homework. Children appreciate a routine, and scheduling regular time with your kids will help you avoid getting too consumed with the demands of your home-based business. You know the cliché about tomorrow and how disappointing it can be for a child when tomorrow never comes. Scheduling daily time with the kids will help you remember that your kids are just as important as your homebased business activities.So remember, starting a homebusiness can be very exciting however you must realize that there are many factors that come into play. Not only do you have to consider the daily demands of your business but also the everyday demands of your family as well. This delicate balancing act of family and work will take some getting used to for sure but your ultimate goal is to of course make time for your family while you concurrently run a successful business from your home.Here’s to your success!